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Are there performance issues when using a tile with rotation/mirroring (using the built in editor tools, as Mirror X, Mirror Y or Rotate x degrees), or is better to use a tileset image repeating the same tile for each "rotation"?

PS: Using latest Godot 2.1 from GitHub


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What performance issues? If they are serious enough, maybe you should submit an issue too?

I don't detect a specific performance problem, just like to know if it can be a problem when using a map with many tiles "rotated" or "mirrored".

What is the best practice for tilesets:

  • Big Tileset image with the "rotated" / "mirrored" tiles.
  • Litte Tileset image with "normal" tiles and using the Godot editor to rotate / mirror it.


Ah right, I edited it to fit better.

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I don't think there are particular performance concerns about this, you can use tile rotation and flipping as much as you want.

If you do notice performance issues linked to this, please create an issue on GitHub, as it would be a bug.

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