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Hi I'm looking to load a plain text file that has lines of text (conversations) into a dictionary. So for example, I have these lines in a .txt file (each could be separated by a new line)

This is line one.

This is line two.

So I'd want to be able to load these into a dict and end up with { "1":"This is line one." , "2":"This is line two." } and have the keys just be the line numbers so I can reference them using dict["1"], etc.

I can load a text file into a dictionary using parse_json but I had to preformat those lines manually first, obviously not ideal.

How would I go about doing something like this? Thanks.

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This can be achieved using the get_line() member function on the File class. An example (untested).

func load_file(filename):
  var result = {}
  var f = File.new()
  var index = 1
  while not f.eof_reached():
    var line = f.get_line()
    result[str(index)] = line
    index += 1
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This is good, but the syntax is File.new(), not new File(), I believe.

Oops, sorry, you're quite right, edited. That's the problem with jumping between GDScript and other languages.

Thank you very much, works perfectly.

thanks man, this is a great help

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