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I'm learning godot3 by building a simple breakout game.
Got almost everything working and I'm placing the bricks.

Now there 2 possible soluitions I see for placing bricks.

Should I use tilemap with bricks to quickly create the layout of the bricks per level.
Currently I'm using tilemaps with some success.

or should I use staticbody and place them by duplicating them.

The bricks should:
1. crack on hit
2. dissapear
3. have hidden powerups when dissapear they drop.

What is the best coding strategy?

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Are you aware of the fact, that you can store PhysicsBody2Ds in tiles and therefore in tilesets? Just Include the bodies in your node hirarchy and then convert the scene into a tilemap via Scene > Converto to... > TileSet.

Hope this helps. :P

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