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So i wish to implement the gamejolt API into my game so i can keep track of how long user's have played and Highscores and all that

Seeing as they have an API written entirely for C++ is it possible that i can just put it in my game's project folder and access and link it from there, or is godot still iffy on the whole coding in C++ thing?

Any help is appreciated and thanks in advance ^^

Edit: Okay, let me rephrase my Question, Can i take this library Here Gamejolt C++ Api
And Just put it in my Game's Project folder and Access the API library from a basic GD Script?

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This is not yet, but we hope that in a later version it would be possible. Currently you can recompile the engine with the library + some bindings for it in the modules/ folder.

There's the HTTPClient in Godot, and the gamejolt api can receive calls over the HTTP protocol, so maybe it is possible to write a script with calls to the API inside. I tried to accomplish that and, in fact, I did, but the script was super-buggy, although it worked.

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