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So i'm now making a Real Time Strategy game. I added a Navigation2D and a NavigationPolygonInstance to the scene so the builders can move around when you want.
The problem is that, a builder (KinematicBody2D) can move through other game objects and maybe thats because the NavigationPolygonInstance is overwriting the CollisionPolygons (my NavigationPolygon is currently just a "yard")
SO, my question is how i can overwrite, or, how i can just get the NavigationPolygonInstance to read other CollisionShapes?

EDIT: Because in this game you are able to build things, i can't manually edit the NavigationPolygonInstance through current scene setup.

EDIT 2: I found something interesting... so my objects were static bodies, but if i change them to rigid bodies, collisions work normal, but i dont want this thing because rigidbodies interact with objects when colliding... i want them to be static...
Maybe a bug?

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