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Hi, I am currently developing a 2.5D game for mobile phones.
With that I mean that I have a fixed camera angle and 2D sprites, but depth in terms that some of my 2D sprites seem farer away than others.
Until now I developed this game with 2d nodes and scaling down sprites that should look farer away. The game works perfectly without hassle on my old galaxy s2.

Now I want to make my scenes 3d scenes with Sprites3Ds, to get rid of my custom scaling and having appropriate shadows with dynamic light sources.

So I grapped a few of my sprites as Sprite3D nodes, created a basic 3D scene with two Meshinstances for one object and a big PlaneMesh for the floor, added a directional light, a basic sky with just one custom color and a camera and tested this on the only smartphone with opengl 3 phone I have here, an Oukitel K6000 Pro.

Even though not much in my scene happens, I just added one animation where one of my sprites moves from left to right, the performance is pretty bad. I played with the quality settings and reduced everything to a minimum, but it still having problems displaying even this simple scene.

My game is generally pretty simple, so I want it to work fluently on most mobile phones out there. I know that for older phones I have to wait for godot 3.1, but is this generally achievable? Or should I stay with 2D when I don't expect my customers to have high end phones?

asked Feb 19, 2018 in Engine by TobiLa (160 points)

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Actually it's not your mistake. Although I don't know exactly why, 3D games use far more battery and resources on mobile phones than 2D games. I recommend you stay with 2D.

answered Feb 19, 2018 by SingingApple (408 points)
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2.5D is a whole process on it's own...In your case I'd look into using isometric maps in 2d...but if you insist on using 3d,you'll have to model the 2D sprites into 3D ...Then you'll have to arrange the camera/s to get that 2.5D aesthetic.
I can't advocate for your method because I've never used it before

answered Feb 19, 2018 by originaltenka (38 points)
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