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In export dialog, there is a option called "runnable", which I can turn it on or off.
So what does it mean?


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In my great wisdom on Godot (which is quite limited), that option could mean to make it executable on platforms that support that file setting, e.g. Unix-like OSes.

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If I disable the Runnable option for my linux export preset, it still runs when I try to run it (no executable / chmod issues), so I don't think it's related to permissions or marking a file executable.


states that the runnable option determines which preset for a platform is used for one-click-deploying. This explains why if there's more than one export preset for a platform, only one of them can be marked Runnable. It's a bit strange to me since this only seems to be applicable to mobile development and the runnable option is there for all presets, but maybe one day we'll be able to one-click-deploy over networks to qa machines.

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