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how to set a button woth diamonds or coins to continue the game if the player dies and wants to continue the game with same score using that button

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Do something like this:

Node hirarchy:


Code in Currency:

extends Node2D

var val = 150

func _restrict(amount):
    var outcome
    if val < 0:
        val += amount
        $Label.set_text("You don't have enough money.")
        outcome = false
        outcome = true
    return outcome

func _substract(amount):
    val -= amount
    var outcome = _restrict(amount)

func _add(amount):
    val += amount

Code in Continue:

extends TouchScreenButton

onready var amount_to_continue = 50

func _ready():

func _on_Continue_released():
    var currency = get_node("../Currency")
    var outcome = currency._substract(amount_to_continue)
    if outcome:

Then adjust and complement that kind of logic for your game.

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