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Man, I am really struggling with RigidBody2Ds. In this case I have a RigidBody2D as a child of a Node2D. The Node2D is rotating and the RigidBody2D with it, that's fine. However, as soon as I use apply_impulse it just returns to it's initial rotation point, which is zero. What's happening?

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This is solved. I ended up using global rotation, which is apparently not affected by the bug.

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GOD, thanks so much. I literally went crazy about this.

But...is there a relatively convinient workaround?

Try setting the RigidBody2D's angular acceleration to rotate it instead. Then, applying an impulse to it won't reset its rotation.

Thanks, but this is extremely inconvenient for pointing RigidBody2Ds to the mouse position. There must be something else. :/

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