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This is Godot 3.0

I have a CollisionShape2D. Under it's "Shape" property, I have selected "New ConcavePolygonShape2D". Now I can click into that Node, but I don't get any path editing tools in the editor.

I have also created a Path2D node under the CollisionShape2D node and drawn the path that I want. How do I hook these two up, so to speak?

For the ConcavePolygonShape2D, there is a "Resource" section that has a Path property, but if I type the name of the path ("HeartPath") then I get errors like this:

No loader found for resource: res://HeartPath scene/resources/scene_format_text.cpp:174 - Couldn't load external resource: res://HeartPath

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I think there's a little misconception going on:

Path2D is meant to be followed by Path2DFollow. It's not used in defining collision shapes. If you want to draw a collision shape by hand, use a CollisionPolygon2D.

To do that, create a node of this kind and immediately start clicking points on the scene in 2D mode.

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