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In GDScript, how can one get the screen dimensions that correspond to the value set in Project Settings / Display / width and height?

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If you want the values that you set on the Project Settings, then you need to use Globals:

var projectResolution=Vector2(Globals.get("display/width"),Globals.get("display/height"))
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This is not working for Godot 3RC 1?

Not sure. I did not try Godot 3 yet.

it's ProjectSettings.get_setting("display/window/size/width")) for Godot 3.0

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you can find the size of viewport using this:


or you can find the windows_size by

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This gets the size of the viewport which sometimes isn't the same as the size in Project Settings / Display / width and height. For example I have test_width and test_height set to a different value than width and height and I have stretch_mode as 2D, in this case the code aboves shows the size of test_width and test_height instead of width and height.
see the edited version
hmm... That still returns the wrong number for me. Test case:
(1) set width to 750, set height to 1333
(2) set resizable to false
(3) set test_width to 500, test_height to 887
I want to get the width/height as 750 and 1333

@chanon Actually yeah I have this issue too. It returns wrong values like you got.

This method worked perfect in Godot 2.x, but doesn't work on Godot 3.x ; in fact, the method isn't even available any longer.



in Godot 3.x
in generell most getter function got replaced by member variables in godot 3.0
see http://docs.godotengine.org/en/3.0/classes/class_os.html

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In Godot 3, it has changed to this:

for the x (horizontal) dimension, use


and for the y (vertical) dimension, use:


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Best up-to-date answer :)

the only up-to-date answer here! thx
position.x = get_viewport().size.x / 2 or position.y = get_viewport().size.y / 2 for centering Sprites btw

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func screen_metrics():
    print("                 [Screen Metrics]")
    print("            Display size: ", OS.get_screen_size())
    print("   Decorated Window size: ", OS.get_real_window_size())
    print("             Window size: ", OS.get_window_size())
    print("        Project Settings: Width=", ProjectSettings.get_setting("display/window/size/width"), " Height=", ProjectSettings.get_setting("display/window/size/height")) 
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Thanks, very nice! All the flavors here.

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screensize = getviewport_rect().size

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In Godot 3
You can also use
OS.window_size.x and OS.window_size.y
to get window current size.

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