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In Godot 2.1.4, if I move a rigidbody in kinematic mode,
I can query its linear velocity in GDScript by calling get_linear_velocity

But now in Godot 3, I get zero vector by calling get_linear_velocity
So how can I get linear velocity if the rigidbody is moved by animationplayer?

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I'm not sure, but that's probably because in Godot 3 you access properties directly, so try:


Again, I'm not sure, maybe it's a silly thing like this one :)

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the problem is that getting linear velocity value is not correctly updated when RigidBody with Kinematic mode is moving by AnimationPlayer
It's also reported on github and seems a bug.

@icqqq you can try different physics engine at Project Settings > General > Physics > 3d > Physics Engine

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