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I am able to archive app and then install it through iTunes to my device (iPad). The app runs without any problem. But I am not able to run the app in Xcode simulator. Is that normal or is there something what I should worry about?

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  1. You need to compile godot for ios simulators with scons p=isim bin/godot.isim.tools
  2. You will get godot.isim.tools file inside bin folder.
  3. You need to copy this file into xCode project.
  4. Inside xCode project there is a text file Info.plist with a parameter executable name, the path that's there should point to godot.isim.tools file.
  5. Remember to restore original path before releasing for devices!

info source: http://docs.godotengine.org/en/latest/reference/compiling_for_ios.html

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Can you make a little steps tutorial on how to do this? There isn's something very clear about.

Hello, I updated my answer a little, hope this will help!

Ok build the simulator executable and changed the executable name, with the name of the simulator no? Than start the simulator but it runs the godot editor itself and not my game project! I've changed the data.pck file made for windows executable in the xcode project! What Am I making wrong? Sorry first time with xcode

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