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I know that I can attach a script to a scene node and use func _ready to do stuff after the node has entered the tree.

However I have a lot of 3D scenes I like to switch between. Is it possible to replicate the _ready function for a large number of scenes in one location?

eg something like:

func switch_node(scene):
      # next 2 lines same as placing my_script() inside scene._ready

I ask because I have a lot of scenes and don't want to create a script for each one if possible.

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It depends on what is it that you are doing in the my_script function. If the scenes have the same behaviours (and are the same kind of node) then you could just create 1 script with the _ready function logic and attach that same script to every 3D scene.

I think that's the way to go, thanks for the suggestion!

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