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So, I began practising Godot by recreating popular 2D games, which is working FINE. Now I am doing a game called Dune, which is popular in the Play Store. It has this one small visual feature I can't figure out. It's the trail, that bends and resizes relative to the velocity of the ball. I tried with particles, which kinda serves the actual purpose, but it's by far not the same. Any idea how to realize this in Godot?

You can see the effect in the YouTube video below.


Thanks for all your answers!
Greetings, Footurist

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I believe it's possible as seen in this showcase video (50s) : https://youtu.be/XptlVErsL-o?t=51s
But it has visual downsides, and I don't know myself how it's done in Godot.
However you can do a proper trail by not using particles, but using a polygon-line instead, with a trail texture on it. The Line2D node can be exploited for that, though because it serves a more general purpose you will have to manage each points of the trail manually.

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