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I've got a tween setup with the following on a sprite:

tween.interpolate_property(sprite, "visibility/opacity", 1.0, 0.0, 0.3, Tween.TRANS_QUAD, Tween.EASE_OUT)
tween.interpolate_property(sprite, "scale", sprite.get_scale(), Vector2(1.7, 1.7), 0.3, Tween.TRANS_QUAD, Tween.EASE_OUT)

The scale works fine, but not the transparency. What's the equivalent in V3.0?

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You can use "modulate:a" to change the opacity.

tween.interpolate_property(sprite, "modulate:a", 1.0, 0.0, 0.3, Tween.TRANS_QUAD, Tween.EASE_OUT)
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From what I gather, it's under CanvasItem/Modulate - you have Alpha value there.

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I tried "CanvasItem/Modulate" but that had no effect. So I tried "CanvasItem/Modulate/Alpha". That didn't work either. So to use tween to adjust alpha, how does it work?

I selected the answer "modulate:a" as that worked.

imekon, ah, sorry, I misinterpreted the question, my bad, I thought you were asking about Editor properties.

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