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in a 2.1.x version .tscn scene file there are some rows like this:
image = Image( 32, 32, 0, RGBA, 0, 0, 0, 0, ..., .... )
The project converter tool, to Godot 3.0, available in 2.1.4 engine editor breaks this rows for new scene file and is not possible to open it in the new Godot 3.0 editor. The target scene seems corrupt... How to fix this? Take a look at the two sample files:

1) Example 2.1.4 scene

2) The same scene converted for 3.0.0

Thanks in advance.

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there were some changes with 3.0 exporter tool in 2.1.x.
you can wait 2.1.5 release which has newer version of exporter or compile by yourself on 2.1 branch.

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Thanks, but I also tried with 2.1 latest branch version (downloaded last night -> 2.1.5 beta).

exporter can't convert perfectly from 2.1.x to 3.0.
but I think in this case, you need to report it on Github to make a better converter.

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