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Sorry for noob question

In Godot 2.1.x
There is a module I found on GitHub
I read the document, compile it and everything work

In Godot 3.0
The application crush

Edit: Working now stupid typo code :D

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Why it is marked as solved ? Have you integrated admob with Godot 3.0.2 version ? If yes please guide me. I've tried but not succeeded.

how do you integrated admob?? sorry for my bad english.

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Many of addons/plugins working for Godot 2. will not work in Godot 3.0+ . I dont know why its happening. Terrain editor plugin crashing,Add primitive object plugin not working, Admob not working anymore, No SQlite support for Android, Some peoples issued Godot apps are removed from Play store due to Updated google's policies. These are the major problems of Godot now.

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Hey, this is irrelevant to the original question. Can you reference to info regarding the play store issues?

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