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If I want my 3D game to be compatible with, and fast on, everyday laptops with integrated graphics, should I use Godot 3? Or Godot 2?

I'm getting mixed responses. Either OpenGL 2 backend will only be for 2D, or it'll work for most everyday laptops on 3D, or it'll work but only for high-end dedicated GPUs, or it'll only work for exports, or it'll work for both exports and editor.

Maybe the confusion came from a change in plans somewhere during development?

I wanna use Godot 3 since it's easier to make online play with it. And also you can collapse text in code, fly camera, etc.

I'm getting closer and closer to deciding which version to use!


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My understanding is:

It will work with everything (2d, 3D, and editor), except for the more advance OpenGL stuff. PBR is even planed for the OpenGL 2 backend.



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