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Probably a silly question, but what is that green-to-red line in a box in the Godot engine's editor? There seems to be a little white line on it, like it's an indicator for something.

Is this giving me feedback of some sort? Clicking on it does nothing. What is it for?

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You mean in the upper right corner?

Please, add a screenshot ;)

Yes, that's the one

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Someone on reddit said it was a volume meter, which I'm pretty sure is correct but I haven't added any audio in any of my recent games so I can't confirm.

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I can confirm this, when audio is playing in the editor, that green to red line shows the volume of the sounds.

Can confirm as well, at least pre-2.0.

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I believe it's a cpu usage moniter(i think), a few other programs have a similar thing (see lmms)

It rarely moves unless you have a very very cpu intensive game or it hiccups

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It's a called peak meter or VU meter.
It shows level of an audio signal that is emitted by an audio nodes like a SamplePlayer node for example. The sound signal is measured and indicated starting from minus values to 0, where 0 means maximal sound signal (the loudest sound). Color wise (as used in Godot's indicator) green means quiet sounds and red indicates the sound that is close to the maximum level. The sound can get distorted if too hight audio levels (too loud sounds) are emitted from audio emitting nodes (the audio level called also an amplitude of the sound sums up), so keep your audio levels on green or close to red, but not too close to play the sound without distortion.

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