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Hi I dont know if anyone noticed this but when you create an apk the color of the sprites seems different, and the same happen when you import your png, the color change even a bit, do you know haw can I fix this, i would like to keep the same color everywhere

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Android have changed contrast against pc it's normal with multiple displays are different. In 3D colors are different too between pc and android.

To change it you would have to modulate every sprite a bit. Check compression of sprites in export settings if difference is really big.

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Are you sure it isnt just a matter of your device having a different screen hue or something? Because not all screens have the same colour adjustments/ or colour saturations just due to the fact well, they arent all the same screen (example my desktop has a blueish tint while my laptop has a white tint)

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It will look different on every display that you try since they will all have their own unique gamma and gamut values. Try opening the same webpage on your development pc and your android device and compare the contrast, black level and color values. You may be shocked at how different they are!

I work in the broadcast industry and trust me, this has been a problem since the dawn of TV. The only real "correct" image is one displayed on a calibrated display, and even then there are various ways of calibrating. Additionally you have all the various display types (lcd, oled, amoled, etc) and glossy vs matte screens. Glossy always looks much more saturated than matte.

All you can really do is find the most balanced/neutral settings for your monitor to do your dev work on and use that as your benchmark. In the end, it will look vastly different on every device out there and that is just a fact of life.

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