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I'm trying to write and read large Dictionaries to files. It looks to me a simple file.get_var() blocks the thread, so I cannot update the UI (to show a progress bar).

If I'm writing the Dictionary to a file as a JSON string, I can read back the data by lines: I enable the _process method, read a couple of lines, concatenate them into a string buffer, then exit the _process method and at its end I update the progress bar. On the next occasion I read a couple of lines again, and this keeps on repeating until I've read all the remaining lines from the file, then I disable the _process method, and finally parse the complete string as JSON.

This approach is fine, but instead of the JSON format I'd like to use binary serialization. However, I don't understand how I could use the get_var() function in this case (by building for example an array of bytes via looped file.get_32() calls in a _process loop, periodially updating the progress bar and finally feeding that array of bytes into get_var). The "Binary serialization API" doc mentions that the PacketPeer class also implements the get_var method, but I can't figure out how I could actually use it.

Could someone show me an example?

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Hm, maybe bytes2var?

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