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I'm generating spawn points in a volume in a Scene. I'm storing the coords in a Vector3.

How do I relocate a node to that global position? I think it's something like:

 var spawn_point = Vector3(-11, 0, 4)
 var clone = character.duplicate()  
 clone.translate(spawn_point - character.get_global_transform().origin)

The character I'm cloning is scaled and transformed in the scene already.

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does clone.transform.origin = spawn_point not work?

Thank you! That put me on the right track

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Not sure why you duplicate it, but you can set its translation:

clone.translation = spawn_point

If your spawn point is in world space but clone is not in world space (for example, if it has a parent that is not at the origin), you can do this:

clone.global_transform.origin = spawn_point

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Thanks, working. Part of the problem was that both my original object and the spawn area had parents that were rotated and that was throwing out the transforms.

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