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Godot 3.0rc1-ish (self compiled).

Is there a quick and easy way to add the Editor's default 3D viewport controls to a game project?

I'm referring to the mouse's middle button's rotating and the right button's free looking with wasd controls. I didn't see any obvious properties on the viewport or camera objects. I don't need collision detection or anything fancy, just shooting for a simple model viewer.

Say I create a scene with a Spatial root, and CubeMesh MeshInstance and Camera children. I transform the Camera origin so the cube is in view, then run the project. A 3D scene appears but it doesn't accept any input.

Is the most efficient way then to write an input handling script that manipulates the camera?

Edit: Having researched this further, I still can't find anything quick-and-easy. I did find a couple camera control scripts for Godot 2 but they were in pretty rough shape. Ultimately what I'm looking for might be called Orbit Controls and there's an example for Three.js here.

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