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onready var red = get_node("red")
onready var green = get_node("green")
onready var blue = get_node("blue")

red, green and blue are children of the current node, yet they are null when get_node is called?

Editor tree


onready var _factory = load("res://scenes/blockfactory.tscn")
var factory = _factory.instance()
if factory == null:
    print("no factory!")
var block = factory.createRed(100, 100)
if block == null:
    print("no red")

_factory is fine, but createdRed fails


func createRed(x, y):
if red == null:
    print("no red")
         return null
    var block = red.duplicate()
    if block == null:
         print("no block")
         return null
    block.set_pos(Vector2(x, y))
    return block
asked 4 days ago in Engine by imekon (83 points)

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onready runs after node is added to scene tree.
but you called createRed before it's added to scene tree.


answered 4 days ago by volzhs (5,753 points)
selected 4 days ago by imekon

I see... I forgot to add the instance of factory to the scene tree, once I do that it starts working.

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