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I created some assets in Illustrator and tried to use them as a sprite in godot.

But they look ugly, because there is some white stroke around them.

Here is an enlarged screenshot to show you what I mean.

Here is how the same part of the asset looks in Photoshop.

I exported the asset in Illustrator as PNG 24. I used the Blend Mode "Mix" and Godot version 2.1.4 stable.

My guess is that is has to to with partial transparent pixels (I dont know what the actual term for that is, sorry). It seems to me that godot mixes them with white instead of the color that actual is in the background of the asset.

What can I do about that? Is the format of my export incompatible with godot?

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I think the problem you are experiencing is what is described in the docs at Blending artifacts
If so, the solution should be simply importing the image through the import menu, checking the "Fix Border Alpha" option.
Sorry for the bad english

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Thank you very much! This solved my problem! :)

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Hi TobiLa!

Yes! you used transparency so whatever color behind it will appear.
You don't need to make edges transparent if you don't want background colors to appear on front.


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