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Hi, I need get size the array into another array(2d array)...Something like getsizerow
For example:

for i in range (myArray_get_size_row):
     for j in range(myArray_get_size_column):

Thank you

asked Jan 11 in Engine by estebanmolca (15 points)

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In gdscript I would do:

for i in range(myArray.size()):
    for j in range(myArray[i].size()):
        myArray[i][j] = rand_range(0, 1)
answered Jan 11 by dodgyville (149 points)
selected Jan 12 by estebanmolca

The only disadvantage is that you have to use a loop for, but it works ... I have to get used to using the arrays inside the arrays without thinking about arrays2D ...
Sorry for my english and thank you very much for answering.

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