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Hi, I'm new on Godot 3D, and like it already.

I'm facing a stopping problem ; the geometry I create using meshinstance (new cube or new plane, etc) are all black and not easily visible. although I have added an Omnilight...

It's probably a simple problem of texture or some clever parameter I forgot to specify. and I couldnt find a simple answer even after several hours of research..

I would be gratefull if someone could help me with this blocking issue.

and also I'm probably not the only one beginner concerned, therefore it could be useful for the developpers to consider using default parameters that would allow a clear view of the newly created meshinstances. (if that's possible of course).

Thanks for your answer.

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can you show the scene setup and material details?

How could I provide this information ? ...
basically I just created a new project, added a meshinstance node, and chose a shape (cube or else). and added an omnilight. no specific parameters added.
and I'm on a Linux OS (debian type).
I'll try to join in the question a picture of the screen if that can help. (not so easy to do actually...)

Hi Eons
I attach here the screen captures, and hopefullly the informations you want are visible.
otherwise I can make new pictures, now that I know how to do.

details of configuration
enter image description here

and details of materials
enter image description here

GoDot may not recognize the textures of the imported mesh.

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Thanks to your hints, I found out it was really a graphic driver issue...

I used Xserver xorg video ATI (ubuntu 3.1) which is a generic driver,
and when I installed the AMD proprietary driver fglrx updates, it went good (as per pictures below).

correct image using proprietary AMD graphic driver

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if using AMDGPU (the only option on new versions for some cards) you will need to look for latest Mesa builds (17.1+ , there is a ppa for it).

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OmniLight is a "sphere" of light with the emitter on the center, if you look at the range marked by the yellow circle gizmo, is far from the mesh.

Increase the zone of the light or put it closer to the mesh for it to receive some light.

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I have done it, and it doesn't change any thing.

I suspect there should be a parameter changed, but noidea which one...

actually I don't even know if what I see is normal, or if there is some issue with my debian version for instance, or anything else. it seems so weird that the cube is fully black...
and I found out (reading this tuto https://godot.readthedocs.io/en/latest/community/tutorials/3d/mesh_generation_with_heightmap_and_shaders.html )that when I chose the option UNSHADED on the material, sometimes it allows the color I chose to appear (sometimes...). but still not very clear for me.

any more ideas ?

the official 3D demos work?

Also, now that you mention Debian, what gpu drivers do you have? (if you can see unshaded meshes it can be a driver issue).

Yes, thanks, that was a driver issue

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