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Regarding performance, how important is to have a mesh made only from triangles vs. a mesh made from triangles, quads, etc when using Godot 3.0?

I have no idea if this question is related to Godot or not.
However, is it better if I triangulate faces before exporting from Blender or is the same thing if I leave the mesh as it is?

If "yes" would be the answer, what is the difference between triangulate the faces in Blender before exporting and triangulate the faces when exporting by checking "Triangulate Faces" using "Wavefront" exporter or checking "Triangulate" using "Better Collada" exporter?

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Try model and export with only quads because this is game industry standart.
...of course some parts in models need tris but do it in Blender...there you have
more control.
checking "Triangulate Faces" is not required because the engine handle it....
if you have some n-gons on the model triangulate these monsters :-) in Blender....
because exporter = zero tris (triangles) control = unexpected model light shading.
Performance has nothing to do with it....just count how many faces you need for the nice model.....try create a nice model with strictly necessary faces....the fewer the better for performance.

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Thank you very much!

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