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This question is for Godot 2.1.4 and the exported Android app only.

Some Android devices come equipped with a Keyboard (i.e. Blackberry Priv) and all can use external keyboards (bluetooth/usb). Also android emulators typically recognize keyboard input.

But my game does not recognize any of the mapped input actions on android. Also I don't get any Input Events for pressed keys. Ok, there's one exception: If I call OS.showvirtualkeyboard() I get some key codes (but no special keys like the cursor keys). Also I can't tell the difference from the app if there's actually a keyboard displaying or a physical keyboard is present.

Everything is fine on Windows though.

So, is there somebody around who managed to get keyboard input, especially cursor keys working on Android apps?

Sure, joysticks/gamepads work. But why not support a keyboard?

This issue is not THAT serious. But would be nice to have....

asked Jan 4, 2018 in Engine by wombatstampede (2,785 points)

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