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I'm trying some prototyping for my project....3d- point and click action adventure from like helicopter cam. view.
I need a player position right? :
player_pos = get_node("player").get_translation().normalized
then....mouse click position but how?
var mouse_click = get_viewport().get_mouse_pos() ??? # I get null-null error
and finally player destination

var destination =  player_pos.origin - mouse_click ???


if Input.is_action_pressed("mouse_click"):
   destination = destination.normalized() * delta * walk_speed

....all this on the KinematicBody script
and there is a rotation....better player facing when he start travel to mouse click position too.
So ,....thanks for every help,guys.

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I recommend watch the example of point and click.
You get more easier your achievement if you use a Navigator node.

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