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hello everyone!
Happy New Year first :) ! So my question is how to create and import collision shape for kinematicbody in 3D from blender. I know you will say use better collada exporter and -col or -colonly. I exported my model and collision shape (used -col and -colonly) with better collada exporter, and when I importing to Godot I can't use this collision shape because bullet physic engine not supporting concavePolygonShape to be kinematic.
So how can I export collision shape from blender to Godot that can I use with kinematic node?
here is the warning I getting:
error: this shape is not supported to be kinematic
source: modules/bullet/rigidbodybullet.cpp:241
function: copyAllOwnerShapes

Thank you in advance!

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Import it as mesh, select it, and in top menu click Mesh - Create Convex Collision Sibling.
Trimesh collision shapes can be concave, for some reason it is not usable with kinematic and rigid bodies

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