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I'm trying to build a demo project that relies on events that happens on the music score. So far, I'm still figureout how to build it, all sugestions were welcome.

Problem, I have a music, and some actions must be performed when some instruments play some some notes. Music is not MIDI or any sort of tracker thing, therefore, music is just a regular mp3/ogg/wav or any wave base format.

The music files, it self, can have tags/breakpoints on the timeline to tell when the instrument event happens.

Events, must be called in a gdscript (something like: onmusic_event(event) )

My demo is kind of more complex (have other things envolved), but you can think as making a guitar hero for instance.

Any sugestions?

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You can use an animation player to start playing the music, add function tracks with calls where events should happen.

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