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EventPlayer uses MOD to get a stream of "beats" to be played, like MIDI.

MIDI have swappable Soundfonts, allowing the same "beat" to be performed by different sampled fonts.

  1. What is the sintetizer used by default to play MOD files?
  2. Is it swappable?
  3. Can I use a Soundfont instead?

If not, I will end hacking-up a joint of SoundPlayer+EventPlayer to play the song, but this will have bad sync issues.

Could be simpler to export the end result as OGG, but I need the beat "events" for a musical game.

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  1. There's no default synth or sample set in MOD files, each file contains the samples needed for the song.
  2. You could manually swap the samples in a MOD tracker but there's no functions for doing this in Godot.
  3. Probably possible with some trackers but not directly in Godot.
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