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I am trying to build a FPS character controller .
I have this structure for the character :

Name [Type] (Script) {comment}

  • Player Scene { For instance from another scene }
    ++ Player [Kinematic Body] (Player.gd)
    +++ Collider [Collision Shape]
    +++ Animator [Animation Player]
    +++ Eyes [Camera] (Eyes.gd)
    +++ Mesh [Mesh Instance] { Not yet added }

I have the following script for the camera :

I am trying to create a "Look Around" mechanic when the player holds a certain action key then the camera would rotate but the body (Parent) won't . Simular to the game Gundam Side Story 0079 - Rise from the Ashes for sega dreamcast where the player controls the camera with analog stick and the legs with d-pad . When I print the angle of the camera I get the correct values , but it does not actualy rotate . Is it actually possible to rotate a child withought rotating the parent ? If so can someone explain why my code doesn't work .

I tried using the cameras setastoplevel() function but it did not work.

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