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I am not talking about Godot's Node tree Godot's Node system


Instead I am referring to the graph node and Graph edit nodes. How to you attach them together in the game.

I know that in-editor there is something similar (CanvasItemShaderGraph) But that is for other purposes (Adjust shading). This is for a mini game in a game.


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Can take a look into theTreeItem class IIRC :D

NO! Did you read? I'm not talking TREE, I'm TALKING ABOUT Graphnode and GraphEdit NODES!

Sorry, misread your post

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Ah... Chalk this one up to Godot's Documentation. I thought the in-editor Search Help Was the same as the Website. It is not.

So I found out the following
1. the GraphNodes must be in a GraphEdit In order for them to be connected.
2. There is a signal and a function in order for GraphNodes to be edited.
3. _connection_request signal sends out data. (In GraphEdit)
4. connect_node () function takes the data from the signal and hooks up the two nodes (In GraphEdit).

From then on you can do with it as you please.

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