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I am having below error (GODOT 2.1.4) after which application stop working. I am using separate thread for game graphic update. I don't know if that's the issue as the first error sometimes appear and game is still working fine. The problem is when the second ("shit?") error appear.
It completely crash the game and close the window. Any idea what this "shit?" mean? I don't know which file it is refering to...

ERROR: Reference to a Thread object object was lost while the thread is still running..
At: core\bind\core_bind.cpp:2301
shit?: No such file or directory

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Do you use Path2D or PathFollow2D in the scene?

Maybe "Reference to a Thread object object was lost while the thread is still running" is what is happening.

If you can give more details (like some script that may be giving issues) there will be more chances of a good answer.

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