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I can see the objects moving in game window but is it possible to see them moving in 2D view, as well?
In Unity f.i. you can see the game unfolding in the Game view as with other engines and at the same time you can follow the action in Scene view. This is what I'm talking about.
This way you can follow (view) arbitrary objects and areas of the map in real time without being necessarily rendered by main camera in the game.

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What does "2D view" mean? Inside the editor?

@rolfpancake yes. I don't know how Godot calls it. The Unity corresponding is "Scene view", in Unreal it's "Viewport".

I think you mean you want to see the moving scenes on the editor (I'm not sure how this works on Unity); this usually is not needed on Godot since you can test the scenes individually ("Play the edited scene" button) and you can opt "Sync Scene Changes" on "Debug options" so you can change the scenes on the editor and check the modifications live on your game.

I tried with "Sync Scene Changes" checked but it doesn't make the objects move in the editor. I edited the question for clarity.

No, it won't move on the editor, but when you move the scenes on the editor, it whould update the game window you have opened.

I think the only way to make stuff move on the editor is by adding the "tool" keyword on the scene gdscript, but that is only useful for, well, scenes that will be used as tools.

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Currently there is no way to play inside the editor, there is WIP for something like this that may be ready for 3.1

For now you can see the current values of the nodes in the remote inspector and modify the scene and see the changes in the running window with sync scene/script option.

If is to move the view while playing the scene, the sync scene option can be used adding a camera and setting it as default while moving, changes on the camera should be reflected on the running window, not ideal but is a workaround.

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Thanks for the answer. As for the workaround, I'll wait for the official feature, though. Nonetheless, thank you for providing a workaround!

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