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I just downloaded Godot 3.0 beta 1 mono and wanted to test some C# on the engine.
Since Visual Studio is apparently not supported yet, I opted for MonoDevelop and the site led me to download Xamarin Studio instead--I'm on Windows 10. In Godot, I changed Mono > Editor > External Editor from "None" to "MonoDevelop", but when I click on my .cs files inside the engine, it outputs
ERROR: MonoDevelopInstance::execute: Method/Function Failed.
At: modules\mono\editor\monodevelop_instance.cpp:48
Help would be greatly appreciated.

asked Dec 11, 2017 in Engine by gfl (14 points)

I don't know if that's a solution for you, but I've been using Visual Studio Code on both Windows and Linux. It comes with syntax highlighting and autocompletion and since I'm building my projects from Godot anyway there's nothing I need a complete IDE for.

I tried to use VS Code and at first it didn't work, so I tried to switch to MonoDevelop but somehow VS Code works now! Thank you.

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