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I want to test single scenes in my Godot project. Some of them (like the player character scene) have no camera, because they don't need one. If I click on "run scene", Godot will use that "default camera" but it is misplaced so I can't see all of my scene contents.
I also can't add a test camera, because then I would need a script that sets the test camera to active only if there is no other current active camera. The problem here is that I couldn't find a function like getcurrentcamera().

Does anyone of you has a solution to this?

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When you add a Camera node to the scene, does checking the Current option in it's properties not do it for you?

Oh yeah right. I didn't know that this is that easy. I thought that you have to do some complex camera management stuff then, because there are many cameras that have the current flag enabled. But it just works, thank you!

No problem. Glad it worked out.

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