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So, I've finally got a mini game to work in Godot 3.0, beta 1, but when I decide to use One Click Deploy, it doesn't work at all... It finishes the "Exporting for Android", shortly after, so does the "Running on Samsung SM-T350", yet, to no avail.

I have USB Debugger enabled on my Android Device (SM-T350), Which is version 6.0.1, and I have got my JDK, ADB and my debug.keystore.

Using Windows 8

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run godot tool in cmd and see what error says.

How would I do this?

run cmd as following instruction below.

go to directory which contains godot.exe
run godot.exe

I've run it succesfully in the cmd, here's the pastebin: https://pastebin.com/DzRfA2be

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you got this error.
you need to set proper Debug keystore at Editor Settings > Export > Android.


you can use your own keystore / user / pass for debug.

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I've done this, yet to no avial. Here is what my paths look like: https://gyazo.com/ad2fb5d024d4f500bda56b509a9e80a5

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