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Looking for a way to 'smooth out' light effects i a 2d isometric map.
I'm using the shader and settings from the isometric 2d lighting -demo, but with 64x32 tiles instead of the 94x43 used in the demo.
This is what I end up with:
enter image description here
Lowering the normal map's opacity makes things smoother but will also mess up the light effect (e.g. SW facing walls will go dark): enter image description here No light2d setting seems to make any difference.

What is failing here?

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Solved it - kind of.
It turned out, I was trying to use different colours where I should have been applying different levels of opacity to the normal map.

An important point is that the example shader is using opacity to mark a surface's 'angle', i.e. you need to apply it properly or your walls etc. will not reflect light correctly.

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