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I have a working animation in blender. I export it from blender using the godot "Better Collada Exporter" add-on but the result when opened in godot 3 is flawed. In particular, the actor seems to randomly flip 180 degrees every so often.

Here's a video example of the animation working correctly (if slowly) in blender (right) and result when using godot's Better Collada Export to DAE imported in godot 3 (left)

I was wondering if anyone has a suggestion as to what might be the problem, or if it is a bug in the collada exporter or perhaps the godot importer? I'd love to narrow down the issue.

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you need to make model not transformed by bones when you export dae.

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Thanks! Sorry if this is an obvious question but how do I do that? Here's the panel I get in blender: blender dae export .

I'm out of ideas on this one

enter image description here

try to export to dae with Rest position

Thanks for the suggestion. I set the skeleton position to rest and re-exported. Unfortunately the model still flips back and forth. Here's a video.

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