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Hey folks:

Let me describe what I'm trying to do. I want to have several meshes in the foreground, then several meshes in the background... BUT I want to ENFORCE that the foreground meshes will be drawn over the background ones, even if the player is closer to the background ones.

If 3D cameras/viewports had layer IDs like 2D, I could do that. Or if I could set the blank (undrawn) screen area of one camera/viewport to display the contents of another, I could do that. Are either of these possible? Can I enforce that a subset of meshes will be rendered under another subset regardless of distance?

Thanks Godot users!

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Maybe you could trick the depth of the background mesh so that it appears the same in "2D" side view, but in 3D it's just a lot further away. So you would still have a possibility for background to be drawn above, but due to a proper setup that may never happen (because your game works in a particular way that makes you able to assume that).

Or you could render that mesh in an offscreen viewport, but like you said I don't know if that works in 3D... (like, rendering Sprites/UI BEHIND 3D stuff??)

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