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Hi, i have builded latest godot version, with custom modules.
Everything works except exporting.
I already installed latest export templates.
With official latest godot version they seems work, but with my custom version it says:
Obviously, it exports without problem, but whe i try to run aplication it gives me this message.

ERROR: tryopenpack: Pack created with a newer version of the engine: 2.1.0
At: core/io/fileaccesspack.cpp:173.

It tells me that my custom version is: v2.1.alpha.custom_build.
I tried to build my own export template (only release version). But it doesnt seem to change something, when i include it in path of custom binary in project.

Thanks for help in advance.

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try go to settings and install export templates than select the file export templates downloaded on the site. Also a user help me in the same question. He said:

"if you do want to compile the engine and templates yourself, then you need to link them manually in the export window. The ones you just installed go into the .godot/templates folder in your HOME directory, and every time you change to a different version of Godot, you have to reinstall them."

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I found the problem, my versions of binary and templates, were different.

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If you have Godot with custom modules and if you want to export to some platform you have to compile the export template (export template includes Godot build for platforms you export). You can replace old templates in .godot/templates with new templates.

I am not sure why your release version of the export template does not work. To what platform did you compile the export template?

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Ok so i did:
1) Compiled custom godot: scons platform=x11
2) Compiled export template: scons platform=x11 tools=no target=release bits=32

I obtained godot binary that works
+ godot.x11.opt.32

But i dont have templates.pkz. How can i generate my own?
maybe i eed to do also this?
scons platform=x11 tools=no target=release_debug bits=32

templates.pkz is just an archive with export templates for all the platforms. When you install it through editor it is extracted to .godot/templates (on Linux) or /AppDataRoaming/Godot/Templates (in Win - but I am not sure ..). Copy your compiled templates there.

How i remove this version of godot?

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