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We are developing a game in Unity using multiple plugins from the asset store (up to 8, all heavy scripting plugins)

And currently I am thinking swapping Unity with Godot Engine. Main reason is that we want it to be completely source controllable since the game is heavy on addons and mods. but this is only in the future roadmap.
So I am wondering, is it possible that I can:

  1. just swap the Engine classes like physics etc with the Godot classes
  2. change the formats of the Godot engine classes like certain parameters passed etc (like if you would do if a JSON server communicates with a differently formatted protobuf server, essentially you can reinterpret the format between the two protocols).
    3.then change the name spaces of unity engine to the 'tweaked GODOT'

Merely some speculation. please shed some lights on this!


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someone did it. this article might help.

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I can't say much more than this:

1) Learn Godot Engine thoroughly, see if it has the features you need. You can also have a look at this: http://docs.godotengine.org/en/stable/learning/editor/unity_to_godot.html

2) Port your code to Godot, not that trivial since Godot philosophy is entirely different so it's not just swapping class names. For example, in 2D the Y axis goes down, and in 3D transforms use OpenGL convention unlike Unity. Also the fact you can use C# in 3.0 might ease the task but same language doesn't mean you can copy/paste everything.

3) Port plugins to Godot. Some may be features Godot supports already, others you may need to recode yourself

4) Assets should be fine, unless maybe terrains since Godot doesn't have a heightmap tool built-in yet

5) There is a chance you need to code in C++ if you need more features

It's not an easy task, it may take a lot of time to migrate especially if your project is advanced already. This advice is valid for ANY migration from an engine to another.

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