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I want to call a method from an auto loaded node's c# script from the current running scene's c# script. I tried calling the method using GetRoot().GetNode("AutoLoaded Sibling to current scene").my_method();, like I would when using GDscript, but that didn't work. I also tried calling the class name of the node then the method...this didn't work either. Has this not been implemented yet, or is there a c# way of doing this?

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Could you post the errors you get?

From my guess, GetRoot().GetNode("AutoLoaded Sibling to current scene").my_method(); is not going to work because unlike GDScript, C# is statically typed, so you must cast the node before using your method, like:

MyNode node = GetRoot().GetNode("AutoLoaded Sibling to current scene") as MyNode;
if(node != null)
    // Uh, the node could not be found or is not a MyNode
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