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I just completed recreating the intro sequence for Strider 飛龍 (Hiryu) for the Nintendo Entertainment System in #Godot game engine!

Strider Intro In Godot 2.14

I think this is probably one of the best NES-era game intros, so I thought it was worthy to be recreated. I also I chose this project in order to learn the 2D animation and scripting systems in Godot.

In particular the animation the animation system is quite limited as of Godot 2.14. I have also posted my concerns on Github and was met with some initial hostility, which is unfortunate.

Porting from Godot 2.14 to Godot 3.0

Tools Used: FCEUX, Godot, GIMP, Audacity
Capcom's Original Intro Sequence: (will add soon)
My recreated Sequence: (will add soon)


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I don't think their intention was to be hostile. It's just that the people over on GitHub expect a more specific format. Specifically, you should format your issues as outlined in the CONTRIBUTING document. By the way, you'll probably get more response from the Godot Engine Facebook group regarding discussion threads like this. There's also Reddit and the forums, but the Facebook group is more active.

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Of course they didn't intend to be hostile. They were just non-friendly... I just don't appreciate way my first issues were handled. One user in particular thought I was suspicious because I posted six items in a row... People need to slow down.

I never heard of the Godot Developers Forum. Thanks.

At the moment I am not interesting in sharing on Facebook and Reddit. This is a labor of love for me and doesn't require publicity. I am posting this postmortem here as information/inspiration to anyone who may find it.

Understandable. It's a cool project, thanks for posting it! Yeah, Godot seems to be much more aware of social media than other platforms. All of the official community pages are listed here.

When I am at the point where I want frothy publicity, I will access those forums more readily. Thank you for sharing the social networking link.

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