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Hi everyone,
I'm a newbie to game development. My question is this: is there a way to spawn a background process in Godot that will, for example, generate an event from time to time? For example, in Fallout 4 you get notifications once in a while that a settlement needs your help. Can you do the same in Godot? I checked in docs, but didn't find anything.


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you can add a timer in a game controller node, every time that timer ends you can send a notification or something and reset the timer(even change how long it will take for it to end this time) and you can also put it in the player's script i think, but it will make it probably be a long ass script

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For those kind of things may be better to avoid background process, just use a regular processed element (on game idle update time, process in Godot).

You can have a scheduler node/scene, part of the main scene or an autoloaded one, it can make anything using timers or whatever you need.
Games like fallout use some kind of turn based system (you can see how the daylight changes, also the game time of day), it is used to define when events trigger in base of some established rules and a schedule (like when quests starts and ends).

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