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First. I have big trouble with compiling version 2.0.1 stable for android on windows. On command line scons terminated the build with this message:


I have no idea how to fix it.

Next trouble is with exporting for android. My phone has android 2.3.0, Godot 2.0.1 stable. After exporting and downloading the apk-file on SDCard, I tried to setup and launch my game. After launching the Godot loading splash screen shows on the display, and then the application crashes. No messages are shown, it just closes and returns back to menu.

Please help me to solve these problems. I like Godot very much, but these problems are just driving me insane.

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You only need to compile the engine and android template if you are using a custom module (like for AdMob or something). Then you have to link the template you compiled to the "Release" section in the export window.

However, your actual problem is that Godot gave up on supporting anything below Android 4.0 due to efficiency issues. So yeah, I got lucky with my old 4.4.2 phone, but you'll need a newer phone :(

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Sorry, something did not specify. I have included a module ENet for godot. Also today I decided to launch my game on android 4.4.2. The result remains the same =(.

All my attempts to compile Godot for android Scons will terminated because of one error. enter image description here

First try disabling the module and exporting to android using the pre-compiled build. Then if that works, try compiling your own engine and templates (with the module still disabled), then if that works, it means your module isn't working for some reason.

When compiling it, make sure you set all the export variables for Java and the android libraries. And then link the template you compiled.

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